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South Melbourne Natural Health Centre

south melbourne natural health clinic 2At Wind Water Health our purpose is to help you.

We specialise in acupuncture, massage, myotherapy, naturopathy, counseling and herbal medicine. We are passionate about healing and love to be a part of your journey to happiness and wellbeing.

We listen

Together we set goals and treatment outcomes that will get you to where you need to be, while answering your questions along the way.

We ask

Your health management goes beyond just the physical. We also consider other important factors to your wellbeing, such as emotions, past experiences, diet, posture and lifestyle.

Natural Healthcare Products

We offer a select range of healthcare products at discounted prices. These include organic skincare products, nutritional supplements, Traditional Chinese Herbs and sports products such as analgesic balms, tinctures and patches.

Environmental Sustainability

Wind Water Health is committed to environmental sustainability and we employ a number of practices to reduce our environmental impact. We use re-washable cotton towels for hand drying. Our electricity and gas are supplied from renewable green sources. Our paper towels and toilet paper are made from 100% recycled paper. Our white office paper and brown envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We favour natural cleaning products over harsh chemical-based cleaners.

Our Philosophy

wind water healthWind and Water are metaphors for the way the energy flows through our bodies: with ease, flexibility, continuity and strength. Obstacles are simply and easily avoided. Wind flows around the trees and mountains, changing direction with ease. If you throw a boulder in a river the water maneuvers around it, if the boulder is too big the water alters its course. So too should your health be flexible, easily adapting to new foods, activities and changing circumstances.

Although Wind and Water are gentle and flowing concepts, they are also immensely powerful. The flow of wind and water in nature can be extreme: difficult to contain and impossible to stop. Given enough time, water can erode mountains and carve through stone. Given the right force, winds can rip up trees and flatten houses. So too should your health be strong and flourishing, bearing up to bacterial and viral exposure, withstanding seasonal change and vigorous physical activities.

These principles also apply to our surrounding environment. In the Chinese language, Wind Water translates as Feng Shui — better known as the study of design and architecture that evaluates the flow of qi through our homes, gardens and cities. The qi that flows through our bodies is the same as the qi that circulates through our environment. Qi connects us to each other and to everything around us. It is therefore no surprise that our surroundings can profoundly influence our moods, energy levels and health. For this reason good health does not just center on the body, but also on our living, working and recreational spaces.

We could go even further and apply these principles to psychology, politics and even science (quantum and chaos theories).

We selected bamboo as a symbol of our health center because bamboo is another natural example of the harmonious combination of strength and flexibility - key qualities to flourishing health in both body and mind.

In China, bamboo is used as scaffolding in building works. This is because it is strong and lightweight making it effective and easy to assemble, but also very flexible. This makes it resistant to inclement weather and general wear and tear. The bamboo plant has a long life and is therefore a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture.


We are located in South Melbourne and are easily accessed by tram or bus. 

There is ample free and ticket parking surrounding the center.

Address: 129 Eastern Road, South Melbourne - on the corner of Cobden Street:

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    • Phone: 03 9690 3013
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