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Real, Permanent Change for your Posture and Pain

foam rollerIn the last year I've discovered several powerful techniques to dramatically reduce muscle tension and associated pain. I am now sharing these techniques with my clients in the form of home programs by teaching you practical and effective techniques resulting in ongoing changes to your muscle tone and posture.

We all know that exercise and stretching helps the strength and tone of our muscles, but in practical terms this doesn't cover all that is needed.

This is where your health practitioner steps in to fill the gap. If we have pain and mus- culo-skeletal dysfunction, we turn to our acupuncturist, masseur, myotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, etc, to help keep us on track. What we as practitioners do for you is help optimize functional and struc- tural balance in your muscles, joints and spine.

In my 12 years of experience working with people and pain, I've found that more is needed and have explored many techniques to get faster and more lasting results. I think it's okay for my patients to come and see me weekly or fortnightly for 6-12 treat- ments, but for many people this isn't enough, or we get to a place where we're maintain- ing a sub-optimal level of health - results can plateau and we can't push past this without those ongoing weekly treatments.

As a client it can be incredibly frustrating and expensive to be getting treatment and still be in pain, or to miss a treatment and find yourself strug- gling. Some of my clients have
turned to surgery and found that after the downtime and healing, their pain is un- changed. It's an amazing and empowering revelation under- stand the cause and to be able to do something for yourself to treat your own pain!

As a practitioner it is no less frustrating to want to help but find that what is needed is day -to-day support which is an impossible task. We get an hour, sometimes less, to make a change that needs to last a week, a fortnight, a month, or more. For many people that's just not enough.

The solution is simple and it involves you taking on your own therapeutic input. I get my patients to self-massage using a tennis ball and/or foam roller to reduce muscle tone, plus stretches and exercises to improve endurance and length in postural muscles to make holding a healthy pos- ture easy.

This is a tailored experience that examines your individual posture and which muscles are too tight, too long, too short, overworked or under- used. Then giving you a pro- gram to help you loosen what's tight, shorten or lengthen appropriate muscles, switch off overworked or switch on underused muscles.

For some of us this can be a big ask. It means taking time to work on your own body. It means prioritizing your health. It means spending time on you. It means changing, which can be hard... but also exciting, and so worth the effort!

I feel particularly enthusiastic about these techniques because of my own personal ex- periences with them. In the last 12 months I have gone from being quite fragile, sore and constricted in my body to feeling strong and flexible and tall.

Following the birth of my daughter in 2007, I experienced a midline separation of my abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis diastasis). This resulted in an instability in my pelvis which left me limping after a walk up the street for a coffee, and completely giving up martial arts training be- cause the kicks would leave me feeling pained, frail and limpy. No fun!

Using the tennis ball and the foam roller, and strengthening with yoga and other exercises, my body and my posture have transformed. But more than this, I have a greater apprecia- tion of my body and its infinite capacity to heal and change. I have a better understanding and respect for my body as my vehicle through life, and how a more practical 'vehicle' makes for a happier and more fulfilling life.

This is a journey I love to share and I feel thrilled to be able to contribute in any way to my patients' own individual and inspiring transformations.

By Allison Hunt, Acupuncturist


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