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Shake It - Weight Management with Diana Devine

shake-itThe Shake It Professional Weight Management Program, offered by qualified Naturopath, Diana Devine, is designed to enable you to lose weight and keep it off with professional advice and tailored to your individual requirements, helping you overcome the obstacles of weight loss.

Shake It is an easy to follow weight loss program that is:

  • Full of vegetables that are low carbohydrate and low glycaemic index (GI)
  • Lean protein eaten with every meal and every snack
  • Includes 1 protein based meal replacement per day (shake, soup, or bar) and great tasting high protein snack bars in a variety of different flavours.
  • Easy to follow daily meal plans with delicious recipes.
  • 4 x 40 minute cardio exercise sessions per week rec- ommended (e.g. brisk walk- ing or swimming)
  • Daily measurement of fat loss via simple home urine test (Ketostix) that con- firms you are burning fat stores.
  • Weekly appointments to track progress (assess weight, BMI, waist circum-ference) and provide profes- sional support.
  • Includes: recipe book, support book, weekly motiva- tional newsletters and more.

What can I expect?

  • Fat loss of up to 2kg per week
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass which improves meta- bolic rate
  • Reduction in waist circum- ference
  • Changes in body composi- tion for better health
  • Lasting results

How long does it run for?

The shake-it program runs for 6 weeks however it can be extended for longer if re- quired. At the end of the program, once the desired weight loss has been achieved, a maintenance plan will be provided to help you maintain your new body.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the 6 week program is $550 which in-cludes;

  • Initial appointment to discuss weight loss goals, measure weight, waist circumference, and BMI. Plus provision of shakes, bars, soups, ketostix etc.
  • Subsequent weekly ap- pointments for 5 weeks to measure weight, waist circumference, BMI, plus motivational support and professional advice.
  • 2 x 560g protein shake tubs / or soup
  • 30 x high protein bars
  • 2 x boxes of ketostix (to ensure fat loss is occurring)
  • Shake It shaker bottle
  • Recipe & Support books
  • Payment either in full (10% discount for up-front payment) or pay as you go.

Health insurance rebates may apply. Some funds re- quire registration prior to consultation. For more information please go to http:// www.shake-it.com.au/Shake-


We are located in South Melbourne and are easily accessed by tram or bus. 

There is ample free and ticket parking surrounding the center.

Address: 129 Eastern Road, South Melbourne - on the corner of Cobden Street:

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