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Available Therapies

Whether pursuing relief from stress or pain, treatment for chronic conditions, or maximizing energy and vitality, we can help.

Natural health care provides a variety of rewards for all people, of all ages, and all walks of life.

At Wind Water Health we welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of massage, acupuncture and traditional therapies with you.

Our purpose is to assist you achieve optimum health, to support you in this journey, and to offer you advice and treatment that is personal to your tastes, your goals and your state of health.


acupuncture 180x119Acupuncture is an ancient system of natural medicine that promotes balance and wellness by sparking our body's own healing processes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has had over 5,000 years of refinement and improvement, based on philosophy, practical observation and testing.


MassageMassage can be an oasis from our hectic modern lifestyles.

It's also an effective solution to pain: including headaches, menstrual pain, lower back pain, and general soreness or cramping.


Homoeopathy 180x120

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine using natural plant and mineral based substances in tiny doses to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.


kinesiology smallKinesiology is a remarkable tool to access and clear the blocks that hold you back. It works on every level of your person, creating shifts in all areas of your world.


NaturopathyNaturopathy is a system of medicine centred around the philosophy that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

Based on the healing power of nature, the medicines utilised by naturopaths support and stimulate the body’s potential to cleanse, repair and heal.

Cupping & Gua Sha

CuppingCupping is the vacuum application of sturdy glass cups to the body. Gua Sha is the massage of the body with a smooth, porcelain spoon.

The purpose of cupping and gua sha is to redistribute the concentrations of energy and blood within the body, and to unblock the meridians.


MoxibustionMoxibustion is used in conjunction with acupuncture to tonify and invigorate your energy system, boosting strength, immunity and digestion.

Ear Candling

Ear CandlingEar candling is a gentle and safe method for clearing wax build-up and impaction from the ear canal, and restoring the pressure balance within the ear.


We are located in South Melbourne and are easily accessed by tram or bus. 

There is ample free and ticket parking surrounding the center.

Address: 129 Eastern Road, South Melbourne - on the corner of Cobden Street:

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