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James Maddock

james-maddockContact: 0415 740 244           Available: Thurday & Sunday

Remedial Massage

James qualified as a remedial therapist in Wellington, New Zealand, at the NZ College of Massage in 2007. He has been practising in Melbourne since 2013.

James delivers his technical expertise through a grounded, empathetic human face.

"My approach is built upon the most up-to-date research and theory on how massage therapy can help you feel better — not only the physical hands-on aspect, this also applies to the psychological and emotional effects of touch based therapies."

Your body, your mind and your heart are all physically and directly connected, and it is simply wrong-headed to try to separate them. James's goal is thus to help you feel better physically, emotionally and mentally, supporting you towards all-round wellness.

It is this wholeness that is at the centre of "(w)holistic" health.

You will be fully informed throughout your treatments about what James is doing — he's great at explaining things. No tricks, no gimmicks, no mystical mumbo-jumbo or co-opting of big scientific words.

Just a great sense of pressure, super-soft towels, classical music, amazing technical expertise, and a deep love for the work with an abiding commitment to giving you the massage you need to feel better, today.

You most literally are in good hands.



We are located in South Melbourne and are easily accessed by tram or bus. 

There is ample free and ticket parking surrounding the center.

Address: 129 Eastern Road, South Melbourne - on the corner of Cobden Street:

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